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Right now, Steve is trying to escape from the attacks of dangerous creepers in SteveRun. His life is being threatened. Hurry to play Minecraft games and start aiding him in finding the way to get out of the creepy world.

At first, players need to observe how hazardous the world is. After that, think of cool plans and bring him out of the danger. Remember that everywhere is full of traps, obstacles, and challenges. Try to be smart to overcome them. The first challenge is to jump on platforms. The players have to control Steve well. He is allowed to stand on the platforms, but cannot hit them, or he is dead. Please, tap him in time and regularly. Focus on his steps to make cool jumps without failing.

Hope your wisdom can save Steve in SteveRun , guys!


Move with the arrow keys only.

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Minecraft Cake Ingredients game http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-cake-ingredients-games-to-play-online-minecraft-games/ http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-cake-ingredients-games-to-play-online-minecraft-games/#respond Mon, 06 Feb 2017 01:49:21 +0000 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-cake-ingredients-games-to-play-online-minecraft-games/ Minecraft Cake Ingredients Games To Play Online Minecraft GamesHave you ever dreamed of becoming a professional cook? Are you a fan of Minecraft games? Do not miss to enjoy Minecraft Cake Ingredients game and role-play yourself with lots of blocks in a kingdom now.

In the game, players will go to a castle and get the command for a king. This time, they are responsible for baking a delicious birthday cake. The king gives them a diamond pickaxe, and they have to enter a cave and start collecting cake ingredients like sugar, wheat, eggs, and milk. In the cave, there are 5 types of rocks. The players have to click on the rocks. Every 5 points gives them one ingredient. That is why they need to earn 100 points, and then all of the cake ingredients show up. At that time, you finish your adventure. Hurry to come back to the kingdom and start making the cake.

Enjoy Minecraft Cake Ingredients game and have fun!


Play the game with the mouse.

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Mine Blocks 1.26.5 – Minecraft Game http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/mine-blocks-1-26-5-minecraft-games/ Sun, 11 Sep 2016 01:24:32 +0000 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/mine-blocks-1-26-5-minecraft-games/ Mine Blocks 1.26.5 Minecraft Games

Be swift to set foot to Mine Blocks 1.26.5 right away! This latest update of the Minecraft games collection will offer you a nice place for stimulating your designing and creative capacity. Come on!

Get obsessed with the landscapes in this Minecraft land yet, guys? In this creative game, the players are required to fulfill 3 main tasks. At first, move around this place to look for raw materials. Just hold the left mouse to mine blocks! Lots of things you can discover in here, such as wood, sand, fruits, bricks, soil, etc. Next, move to the Inventory and start crafting vital items (hammers, axes, pickaxes, torches, and more). You can consult the available recipes in the game. Lastly, make use of all the resources to form a marvelous structure in this spectacular world. Remember to add flowers, trees, or grasses for the decoration.

Land on Mine Blocks 1.26.5 game and bring your dream world to the reality! You should at least try it once.


Mine blocks: hold the left mouse.
Move: WASD/arrow keys.
Build house: combine the left mouse and Shift key.

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Mine Blocks 1.26.2 On Minecraft Games To Play http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/mine-blocks-1-26-2-on-minecraft-games-to-play/ Thu, 28 May 2015 03:17:22 +0000 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/mine-blocks-1-26-2-on-minecraft-games-to-play/ Mine Blocks 1.26.2 On Minecraft Games To Play

All your desired structures will be built in Mine Blocks 1.26.2. Hurry to explore Minecraft Games To Play and start enjoying this game now. It is sure that you have cool experience of building and decoration.

Look! Everything around the world is so grateful. Let’s go and make a trip to discover its secrets. After that, players can feel relaxed to choose a nice area. They won’t worry about anything because there is no danger in the world. Now, collect rocks, stones, wood, sand, dirt, coal, and iron to set up a marvelous house. Next, create a large garden and a path. Go to the inventory to craft some stuff for the house. Then, keep decorating the scene around it by growing saplings, flowers, and so on.

Hope you can create a perfect space for yourself in Mine Blocks 1.26.2, guys!


The mouse is to build.
Move with the arrow keys.

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Idle Mine game http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/idle-mine/ Thu, 09 Apr 2015 01:28:05 +0000 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/idle-mine/ Idle MineHave you ever tried to mine something? If not, be nimble-footed to join with us in an exciting Minecraft gameIdle Mine. When entering the playing field, the players can see different kinds of raw materials, such as Clay, Coal, Rock, Lead, Iron, Bone, Salt, and more. What they need to do next?

It’s time to express your mining capacity, guys! Simply grab a pickaxe and tap continuously on those resources in order to collect as more priceless stuff as possible. While performing the task, don’t forget to notice the HP of each item. Gaining enough HP can help to upgrade the pickaxe, blacksmith, and other advanced tools. With improving tools, players may increase the mining speed as well as achieve the best results. Remember to gain more Idle Power and Active Power to attain more points. Be patient to complete all the required duties there. Alright, get ready to show off your skill in mining Minecraft games? Let’s go!


Idle Mine is played mainly by clicking the left mouse.

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