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Hey, my guys! Mine Blocks 1.25 is here for you. Come to enjoy this cool Minecraft version and build nice constructions. If you love creating them by yourself, why don’t you play it now?

In the game, players will go to a very wonderful world and start exploring it. Along the way, they can select the best place and mine needful blocks such as rocks, sand, cobblestones, wood, and many others. Once all blocks are in the storage, the players will come to the inventory to craft several items like tables, chairs, furnaces, beds, or whatever they love. Next, place the collected blocks to set up a house, a garden, and a yard. If you love swimming, don’t forget to generate a fresh pool. The final job is to decorate the house with modern furniture and colorful flowers.

Have fun with Mine Blocks 1.25, guys!


Mine by holding the mouse down.
Build by Shift + Click.
The arrow keys are to move.

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Minicraft On Minecraft Games To Play Tue, 09 Jun 2015 03:20:36 +0000 Minicraft On Minecraft Games To Play

You have a lot of time to save a young boy in Minicraft On Minecraft Games To Play. Hurry to show us your plans and take him out of a terrible world now.

Look! The boy is moving around the world to find the exit, but it seems that he cannot find it. The longer he stays in the game, the more crowded creepers appear. If you may not bring him from the world soon, you have the plan B by trying to keep him alive until reaching the exit. Ok, get ready to build a nice house under the ground for him. When he has a safe place to hide deadly creatures, the players can guide him around the house and destroy all enemies with arrows. Never touch them, or the boy’s health will be weak.

Hope you can save the boy once enjoying Minicraft On Minecraft Games To Play!


Move with arrow keys.
Spacebar is to place blocks.
F key is to shoot.

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Mine Blocks 1.26.2 On Minecraft Games To Play Thu, 28 May 2015 03:17:22 +0000 Mine Blocks 1.26.2 On Minecraft Games To Play

All your desired structures will be built in Mine Blocks 1.26.2. Hurry to explore Minecraft Games To Play and start enjoying this game now. It is sure that you have cool experience of building and decoration.

Look! Everything around the world is so grateful. Let’s go and make a trip to discover its secrets. After that, players can feel relaxed to choose a nice area. They won’t worry about anything because there is no danger in the world. Now, collect rocks, stones, wood, sand, dirt, coal, and iron to set up a marvelous house. Next, create a large garden and a path. Go to the inventory to craft some stuff for the house. Then, keep decorating the scene around it by growing saplings, flowers, and so on.

Hope you can create a perfect space for yourself in Mine Blocks 1.26.2, guys!


The mouse is to build.
Move with the arrow keys.

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BlockCraft Wed, 27 May 2015 01:21:47 +0000 BlockCraft

A new Minecraft creative 3D game – BlockCraft is here for you to create everything you can imagine, so don’t lose your chance to turn a wild 3D world into your perfect space. Interestingly, all ideas will be created by yourself.

How do you think about that? Let’s go and shoot many kinds of nice blocks from the mouse to start setting up a pretty house. After that, decorate it with many rooms including kitchen, living room, reading room, music room, and many others. Players can generate structures on trees or under them. Don’t forget to build up a garden full of flowers and many others. Finally, move around the world to change its landscape. The more beautiful your own space is, the cooler your creativity is, guys.

Hope you can generate great constructions in BlockCraft!


Move with ASDW keys.
The mouse is to build.

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Blockz Mon, 18 May 2015 01:31:51 +0000 Blockz

Tell the world that you complete your perfect space in Blockz, guys. This Minecraft creative game guides you to a nice world and helps to express what you love. Let it aid you now.

In the game, all materials are on the top at the left side of the screen. Players just determine the place they should place their structures. After that, put blocks on it and build a nice house, a big company, a mall center, or even a beautiful island like Hawaii. The more you can imagine, the more wonderful your own space is. During the game, try to touch bombs and cacti which cause the damage to your health. In addition to building the main construction, the players should create a garden or anything to make the world nicer. Remember to decorate the landscape impressively.

Enjoy Blockz, guys!


The mouse is to build.
Move by the arrow keys.

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