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Do you love playing Minecraft games? If yes, make sure you don’t skip playing The Minecraft Quiz 2 game – a new update of the Minecraft Quiz Series. Time to prove your wide knowledge!

Can you beat all the difficult queries in this cool edition? Here we go! At first, try to summarize the related information to all the Minecraft games. Your major objective is to give the correct answer to the entire questions throughout the game. Each inquiry contains 3 multiple choices, remember! Read and consider all given info carefully before selecting the final option. What’s new the 2nd version? Players don’t need to worry about the time. Just take time to make the right decisions. In case you pick the incorrect choice, quickly return the last checkpoint (appearing after every 5 quizzes) to re-answer the previous questions again.

Do best to get all right options for all the enquiries in The Minecraft Quiz 2, guys!


Everything here is controlled by the mouse.

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Minecraft Cake Ingredients game http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-cake-ingredients-games-to-play-online-minecraft-games/ http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-cake-ingredients-games-to-play-online-minecraft-games/#respond Sat, 29 Oct 2016 01:22:15 +0000 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-cake-ingredients-games-to-play-online-minecraft-games/ Minecraft Cake Ingredients Games To Play Online Minecraft GamesHave you ever dreamed of becoming a professional cook? Are you a fan of Minecraft games? Do not miss to enjoy Minecraft Cake Ingredients game and role-play yourself with lots of blocks in a kingdom now.

In the game, players will go to a castle and get the command for a king. This time, they are responsible for baking a delicious birthday cake. The king gives them a diamond pickaxe, and they have to enter a cave and start collecting cake ingredients like sugar, wheat, eggs, and milk. In the cave, there are 5 types of rocks. The players have to click on the rocks. Every 5 points gives them one ingredient. That is why they need to earn 100 points, and then all of the cake ingredients show up. At that time, you finish your adventure. Hurry to come back to the kingdom and start making the cake.

Enjoy Minecraft Cake Ingredients game and have fun!


Play the game with the mouse.

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Dangerous Creeper game http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/dangerous-creeper/ http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/dangerous-creeper/#respond Fri, 28 Oct 2016 13:21:43 +0000 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/dangerous-creeper/ Dangerous Creeper

Come on and do not lose your occasion to beat a very complicated type of Minecraft games freeDangerous Creeper. This game brings you to a dangerous maze and challenges you. Let’s go and see how you can survive there.

The first thing is to observer everything around you. Then, find a good way to save yourself from the danger. Remember that once you touch any randomly generated block in the maze your health will decrease. What would you do to limit those dangers? The only way is to use bombs and destroy all blocks ahead to make the way through. Try to move forwards to reach the exit. Along the way, players have to collect all rewards like clocks to add more time, 2X to increase the score, red crosses to recover the health, and slowmotion to slow down.

Hope you can be alive in Dangerous Creeper, guys!


The mouse is to control the game.

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Minecraft Quiz V1.4.7 game http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-quiz-v1-4-7/ http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-quiz-v1-4-7/#respond Fri, 28 Oct 2016 01:31:59 +0000 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-quiz-v1-4-7/ Minecraft Quiz V1.4.7

Hey, Minecraft lovers! Come on and take a god chance to check your acquaintance here in Minecraft Quiz V1.4.7 game right now. You should test how more you understand it after enjoying its fantastic games.

In this version, players will be careful with checkpoints which often appear after every 5 question. Remember to consider everything before taking action. All questions ask them about Minecraft games. In addition, the players need to grasp general information like where and when Minecraft was created. The more knowledge they comprehend, the easier they answer the questions. Try to read each possible answer and question thoroughly and pick the right guess. Once they give any wrong choice, they will actually be back to the previous checkpoint and reply to those five questions again.

Beat Minecraft Quiz V1.4.7 in 2 minutes, guys!


Play the game wit the mouse.

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Mario Plays Minecraft http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/mario-plays-minecraft/ http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/mario-plays-minecraft/#respond Thu, 27 Oct 2016 13:22:53 +0000 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/mario-plays-minecraft/ Mario Plays Minecraft

A naughty boy named Mario is on his way to discover secrets in Minecraft world. Love making a nice trip with him? Play Mario Plays Minecraft and start your search now!

This time, players will guide Mario through awesome places of Minecraft world and unlock secrets. Firstly, they and Mario have to overcome dangerous obstacles and bad monsters ahead on the road. Be smart to help him jump on platforms tactically. Never let him fall into gaps, lava pits, or even hit the monsters. All those obstructions cause him to be dead. Remember to collect all gold coins for more money and items to help him larger. The bigger he is, the more bad monsters he can eat. Try hard to bring a great adventure for him.

Enjoy Mario Plays Minecraft and have fun!


The arrow keys are to move.
The space bar is to jump.

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The Minecraft Quiz v1.7.9 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/the-minecraft-quiz-v1-7-9/ http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/the-minecraft-quiz-v1-7-9/#respond Thu, 27 Oct 2016 01:27:19 +0000 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/the-minecraft-quiz-v1-7-9/ The Minecraft Quiz v1.7.9

Want to challenge yourself in The Minecraft Quiz v1.7.9 – another update of The Minecraft Quiz game, all lovely guys? Are you confident of your knowledge about the Minecraft world? If yes, don’t mind entering its main screen and find out what you can do.

One certain thing is that all the questions in this terrific game are related to Minecraft games. If players are crazy fans, they will not face up to any difficulty. Start looking at each question and 3 possible answers below. Read all carefully and apply the available knowledge in order to pick up the most accurate answer! One correct reply will give the players one valuable score. In case that the players answer wrongly, don’t be worried too much because they can continue the next question. But, there is no score for them.

To win The Minecraft Quiz v1.7.9, please be wise and cautious, guys!


Tap the left mouse to play.

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Minecraft Avoider http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-avoider/ http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-avoider/#respond Wed, 26 Oct 2016 13:23:44 +0000 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-avoider/ Minecraft Avoider

Be smart to take your boy out of surroundings of dangerous creepers in Minecraft Avoider, guys. The game needs your wisdom and agility to avoid the death. Hurry up to be ready for rescuing the boy.

Firstly, players have to go inside Minecraft world and find the way to reach the boy. After that, try to guide him to a safe place. Look! The hungry creepers attack him from many sides. To limit their attacking sides, the players need to move into a corner. After that, they just aim their arrows and shoot enemies in one way only. During the game, try to run away from these creatures. Do not touch them, or his health will be bad. Along the way, grab some TNT blocks to explode groups of the advancing creepers. Hope you can keep him living within 10 nights, guys.

Have a great moment with Minecraft Avoider!


The mouse is to shoot.
Move with arrow keys.

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Minecraft Quiz 4 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-quiz-4/ http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-quiz-4/#respond Wed, 26 Oct 2016 01:27:00 +0000 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/minecraft-quiz-4/ Minecraft Quiz 4

Hey, dears! It’s time to enjoy a challenging test with the latest version Minecraft Quiz 4 right now. It’s definitely certain you gain lots of important information of Minecraft. Take your time to get to know about it now. You have yet to know all knowledge about it. Why don’t you check how much you know it via this version now? Here we go!

This fourth version has 2 questions only, but if players don’t know anything about Minecraft, they are hard to beat these challenging questions. Come on and do not make any mistake while answering quizzes. Each question has 3 possible choices. The players have to answer them carefully. Try to consider each of the choices and questions thoroughly before clicking on any answer. If giving the wrong guess, the game sends you to the first question, and you retry both of them.

Beat all questions in Minecraft Quiz 4 now!


The mouse is to choose answers.

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Allfen http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/allfen/ http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/allfen/#respond Tue, 25 Oct 2016 13:23:17 +0000 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/allfen/ AllfenWelcome you all to a cool and wonderful game – Allfen! Want to figure out the reasons why people love it? Don’t hesitate anymore! Be full-prepared to head towards Minecraft land now! Before starting to play, players must pick one among 3 main worlds – Low Detail, Med Detail and High Detail. Now, it’s time to carry out the chief goal – construct your own Allfen structures. Firstly, remove some unnecessary blocks by using TNT. Then, enter the Inventory to select the available blocks (bricks, glass, woods, stone, etc.). How does your world look like now? The main element to enjoy this game is to use your imagination and creativity to build whatever you like. Players can totally use 7 keys (Z to M) to create a beautiful shelter, a nice garden, or a gorgeous castle. Importantly, you need to pay attention to some falling blocks as they may damage your health. Alright, relish this game now!


Press ASDW keys to move.
Use the mouse to build/break.
Hit Z-M keys to choose blocks.

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SteveRun http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/steverun-on-minecraft-games-to-play/ http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/steverun-on-minecraft-games-to-play/#respond Tue, 25 Oct 2016 01:23:57 +0000 http://minecraftgamestoplay.org/steverun-on-minecraft-games-to-play/ SteveRun On Minecraft Games To Play

Right now, Steve is trying to escape from the attacks of dangerous creepers in SteveRun. His life is being threatened. Hurry to play Minecraft games and start aiding him in finding the way to get out of the creepy world.

At first, players need to observe how hazardous the world is. After that, think of cool plans and bring him out of the danger. Remember that everywhere is full of traps, obstacles, and challenges. Try to be smart to overcome them. The first challenge is to jump on platforms. The players have to control Steve well. He is allowed to stand on the platforms, but cannot hit them, or he is dead. Please, tap him in time and regularly. Focus on his steps to make cool jumps without failing.

Hope your wisdom can save Steve in SteveRun , guys!


Move with the arrow keys only.

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